Epic portraits transcend the mere physical representation of a person and delve into the essence of you! Have you ever imagined yourself marching into battle, soaring through the cosmos, or sharing tea with a long-lost great-grandfather? Schedule an epic portrait session to honor yourself, your family, or even your ancestors, through the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.



Honor yourself, your family or even your ancestors through the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

I'm so overjoyed to have a portrait that captures the triumph and glory of my youth, exactly as I remember it. (Even if actual facts may vary slightly). Veronica's whimsical vision has created an artifact of pure joy.

Veronica was able to create of a portrait not just of me, but of the hero deep inside. Her vision is not just on the surface, but a piercing look into one's soulful ambitions. This masterwork has been both a cherished centerpiece to my home, and an object of envy for friends. 


Veronica has created the perfect portrait for my partner, both regal and adventurous. We're so proud to have our daughter see her mother as a hero captured for us all to see. 

How it works

Step 1: Discovery call

STEP 2: Sketch review

Once you select your favorite sketch, we require a photograph of each person featured in the portrait. This can range from an elaborately staged picture with props to a simple, pre-existing snapshot. Together, we’ll determine the most suitable option for both you and our project.

Step 3: photo reference


Do you know exactly what your epic portrait looks like? Have absolutely NO idea where to begin? Somewhere in between? That's all perfect. In our discovery call, I will guide you to uncover the subject of your epic portrait and/or clarify your vision.

After our discovery call, I will provide three distinct sketches based on the imagery we explored, presenting various compositions for your consideration.

the journey